Monday, 4 January 2010

Welcoming the big one-oh is, frankly, to me, really overrated. New decade, new beginning and things. I did however enjoy celebrating. But 2010 will just be another year passed, another year learnt. But the number 2010 sounds plain awkward.

Resolutions, new years, calendars, movies, all these things hoping to start off fresh. It's an excuse to forget all the messed up actions of the past and to proceed with the future. But we must also be grateful that we're alive, today, to watch another year pass by. We are the consequence of our own actions and we shall wait and watch what 2010 holds for us.

Why my 2009 was awesome:
1) I watched my puppies grow up into dogs.
2) I discovered emotions I never knew existed.
3) My music sense changed for the better, or rather matured.
4) I discovered the magic of the pistachio flavoured doughnut.
5) I rescued several street animals-my personal best. Or maybe less?
6) I made friends who are worth befriending.
7) I've learnt who means more to whom than who.
8) I've learnt to appreciate sunrises and sunsets.
9) I rode a camel without falling off.
10) I ran down the staircase and fell off and fractured my leg. I've learnt better now.
11) I see the magic in clouds. The possibilities.
12) I've learnt to not care about society's opinion about things.
13) Lady Gaga. Amazing. Period.
14) My 
iPod turned 3 and a half years old.
There are many many more things I've learnt '09, but these are the most significant.

Why 2009 was not-so-cool:
1) I'm in the 11
th Grade. Science.
2) I cut my hair off without realising how much I would regret it.
3) I stopped gaming and I miss it.
Lot more, apparently. But I would rather not.

What I'm looking forward to in 2010:
1) Another dog.
2) Longer hair?
3) Another 
4) A better relationship with my sibling.
5) A better camera. And phone.
6) A better 
UAE, a better Asia, a better world.

All in all, 2009 was definitely one of the years of my life which I'd never ever forget. I've learnt the most in this year than I ever could have and I felt the significance of this year with a profound impact. I discovered some things and rediscovered some others.
I hope 2010 turns out to be another year I can cherish, another successful year for me, for you, and for everyone.
I also hope in 2010, the world finally discovers ultimate humanity.

So, have a Happy Happy New Years. Hope your one-oh is pretty damn fine. :)

Preethi Rajkumar


  1. Sigh... It's amazing how different people's wishlists can get... You expect so much out of 2010? Wow...