Friday, 1 January 2010

Awkward Moments they Don't Show on Movies or TV.......

1 )
The Fallen : ..thats freaking awesome we can continue our plans for...
Megatron : .hold on...I remember you saying something about how u could only be defeated by a prime .
The Fallen : uh....yeah...
Megatron :  and I just killed a prime...
The Fallen  : like I said...thats awesome get back to what I ordered you to do .
Megatron : ..hold on.. so technically doesn't that make me more powerful than you. ?
The Fallen : uhhhhh..
Megatron : I'm outta here !

2 )Edward and Jacob storm into bella's room both apprently pissed off..
Edward throws bella's diary at her .
Edward : what the hell is this ??
Bella : thats my diary! dare you?!
Jacob: never mind what you wrote. .

dear diary ,
checklist :
1) vampire                         
2) werewolf                          
3 ) zombie
4 ) the lochh ness monster
5 ) frankenstein
Bella : wait..i can explain...( starts crying )
Edward : screw you !
Jacob : save your depressed shit for the lochness monster

3 )
guy : heyy Bill Gates !...i need a favour ..
Bill Gates : sure..
guy : can you repair my Zune ?
Bill Gates : oh yea..not a problem .
guy : of sorry..i have an Ipod like the rest of the world ..hahaha loser..
Bill Gates...FML !

4 )
Batman : OMG !..the joker has Harvey Dent and Rachel in two different buildings filled with explosives ..
Superman : so ?
Batman : the buildings are 20 blocks away ..i can never reach them both in time ..
Superman : hold on .( flies away and comes back a second latter with Harvey , Rachel and the Joker) .all done.
batman: ohh..thnx..i guess..
sperman : so..what powers do you have..are you like a bat ?
Batman : umm...yeah..kind of ..not exactly..
Superman: do you fly like a bat ?
Batman: uh....
Superman: wait...u have nothing !..ha !
Batman: i strike fear into the hearts  of the criminals of Gotham .
Superman : yea...thats deep ! ...
Batman : shut up !
Superman : so..even a tiny small bullet can kill u suck  !...oh im sorry..weren’t your parents killed by bullets ?
Batman : yea..
Superman :  haha  ! parents were killed by exploding planets. beat that !

5 ) Pinocchio : my nose is going to grow long . !
and the universe exploded . ! 

Aditya Rao


  1. HAHAHA omg this is hilarious!
    You're so cool!

  2. this is dude u made a small mistake...sperman...hahahhaahha

  3. eh good ones