Friday, 22 January 2010

Epicmakers' First Epic - Aditya Rao's story

Purple’s story :
"Give me your metro card" he said.
"What?"I replied. " Why should I? "
 " you pissed me off, show me your wallet now...or else... " 
 Or else What??!! i said in a  very menacing voice.
  " Don’t you know who i am....if I call my gang you would probably be meat in two minutes."
"You really don't know who I am do you " I said and started laughing. " Wait till you meet my   'friends ' ."  And suddenly my two personal buffed up 7 foot Somali bodyguards appeared beside me. The so called gangster took one look at my friends and ran away . I bet he had already crapped his pants by then.
YEA  !..And this really happened in a screwed up imagination of mine where I'm a real stud.
This is what really happened. :
I was hanging out at the mall waiting for my best friend Red to join me when the girl of my dreams walked in with her group of friends . Violet was the most stunning girl I had ever seen . I had never really spoken to her , maybe i should go and say Hi. but ..does she know me??..we might be in the same school..but. Anyway, I decided to be a man and go say Hi when suddenly Brown the biggest douchebag ever and his friends appeared out of nowhere and this was how our conversation actually happened:
Brown : Give me your metro card.
Me : Uhh ? I..don't have it .
Brown : Stop me your wallet .
me : Why should I? ...oops..big mistake!
Brown ( now sounding very pissed ) : Dont you know who I am ??I can get you beaten up right now if I want to .
me : uhh .. it.
Brown ( takes all my cash out ) : haha...see you later loser!
You see, thing is I'm not very strong and am absolutely terrified of fighting , neither can I talk my way out of any situation. I'm approaching the land of geekism or nerdism...or whatever you want to call it.
 Where was my best friend Red when I needed him ?? ..He would have probably talked my way out of this shit. Ahh! he is.
( Red is what one would normally call cool. He is one of the most popular guys in school and still doesn't act like a total jerk..and that really speaks volumes me. And plus he’s a smooth talker ..he can talk his way in and out of any situation. How we both became best friends is still a mystery to me )
Red : Heyy..I just saw Brown and his group of douchebags walk past.Did they give you any trouble?
Me : Yeah..they took all my cash. Do you think Violet saw any of this?? Where is she anyway?
Red : Yeah..sure she didn't see you. She was only standing 10 metres away from you.
( ughh! Red and his stupid sarcasm )
Red : Oh..and I saw Brown walking away with Violet... I think he bought her an ice cream ..with your cash I guess....sad. ! And for the hundredth time...stop thinking about her..The chances of a Twilight movie being good are greater than you becoming her boyfirend.
Me : I know...but we are in the same school...and ..she might just know me.
Red : Dude!..I don't even know half the guys in my you really think someone like Violet would even know that you exist?
Me : But......
Red : Sigh!..okay..if you want..I can introduce you to her ..
Me : YOU would .....that would be awesome!
Red : Oh look !..there she is...and she’s alone ...quick let’s go talk to her!...and remember ..act cool...and DON'T be your normal self !
We both walk towards Violet and thankfully Brown is not with her .
Red : Heyy Violet !
Violet : Heyy Red !..Whats up?
Red : Nothing much ..just hanging aorund ..Oh my friend Purple
Violet ( looking at me ) : Hi!
Oh wow !.I've never seen her eyes up close before..She looks so beautiful .Okay now im taking way too much time to answer ..think of something .quickly...oh wait..she’s still eating her ice cream ..
Me : Heyy ..nice cone you’ve got there .
Violet ..uhhuhh..yea....thanks....I guess.
Oh cmon !..seriously..nice cone ?? not that much of a loser am I? ..and meanwhile Red makes this weird noise...something between  a  groan and a laugh I think . Anyway phone starts to ring...I walk away from Red and Violet to get it. Just my Mom on the line...wondering where I was. Anyway ...I see those two chatting for about a minute more and Violet walks away.Red comes smiling towards me.
Red : nice cones swept her off her feet with that line .
Me : ughh!...
Red : anyway ..guess what ..I asked her if she wanted to see a movie with us next week ..and she said yes , and she would also bring a friend along.
Me : Huh ..she said yes..just like that ?
Red : yea. I know..weird.
Or maybe Red just let his talking do all the work!
Me : what was she doing with Brown anyway ?
Red : Don't know..forgot to ask her .
Me : you think I made a lasting impression on her ?
Red : DEFINATELY made an impression on her with your 'nice cones'. But look at the bright side..I have a whole week to prepare you for the movie night!
Anyway it was getting late and we both had to leave. That night in bed ..all I could think about was how beautiful Violet was ..and what an ass I made of myself. But there still was a slight chance that she might be thinking about me.

Vilolet’s story :
Wow I met the two most diverse guys ever. Red and Brown. Oh and there was another guy with Red ..forgot his name already!

Aditya Rao


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