Friday, 22 January 2010

The True Picture

This is in reference to the KHDA inspection that has been going on in many schools.
I was very disturbed and troubled by the fake show put up by most of the schools to get a good report.
I would like to bring to the notice of the parents of this nation who get deceived by this report of the KHDA inspection which is not even a part of the reality.
We as students have seen transformation of our school to enormous HEIGHTS. Teachers have become more polite in front of the inspectors. The school canteen menu has changed drastically to organic food only for the week the inspectors are here.
Schools have been renting LCD screens/ top brand computers just to impress the KHDA. Students are suddenly taught everything in a more practical method which has NEVER been adapted before. Subject teachers have planned out the whole week as to which particular chapter to do, when to do,who to ask questions to, seating arrangements etc.
There have been orderly and disciplined dispersals/assemblies which have never been there before. Teachers have made us learn particular questions which they would ask if they inspectors show up in a particular class.
We would love for our schools to be rated as 'excellent' or 'outstanding', but NOT by this fake act put by the school. Because it is on the basis of this result that the parents send their wards to schools.
As a distressed student, I would like to request the team of KHDA to host surprise checks in schools to obtain the real picture of it.
Thank you.

- a concerned student

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