Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Censorship…SCREW IT!!!

For people in most places that block every site that comes out it’s a pain especially if they’re like me. I mean who cares what people can access. By blocking or censoring we just make the people more curious. The so called authorities have gotta realize this sooner or later they will find a way to get through to the site. There’s probably about thousands of hackers out there might as well stop trying to control it. There is the part where you’ve gotta block out explicit stuff, but that doesn’t mean block the whole site. For example there was Oukut yea there were few things that well didn’t really go well with the rule but not every damn member is like that. Now there’s Facebook im almost sure sooner or later they’ll probably shut it out. I don’t get the point; people have got the right to know what is what good or bad why do the authorities care who does who doesn’t.
For artists who wanna learn Manga(Japanese art),or modeling(sculpturing) etc. they can’t because the site is blocked for god knows what reason. People want to communicate thorough out the world and they can’t really let out what they really want because of censorship.
Movies is the main field where censorship is a real hassle. If the actors don’t want to be put that way on screen they won’t make the scene. Of course I’m not saying publish out all the 18+ crap that comes out, but just because there are few things in the movie that you! Think you don’t want people to hear or see, you censor it SCREW YOU! People are mature enough atleast now to decide what’s good and what isn’t. So simple message don’t do it and mind your own business