Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Deathnote is the best anime/manga that has ever been created. Written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by manga artist Takeshi Obata it’s the finest anime that’s ever made such a huge impact in the anime world.
The series centre’s around Light Yagami who’s a 17 year old high school student who gradually goes into university his age varies from 17 to about 24. Light is a hard working/studious senior who stays at the top of his class. Light feels that the world is getting curropt and there are a large number of criminals out there. He wants to eliminate all these people and make the world a safe place for gentle people.
Light finds a supernatural notebook called Deathnote which was dropped on the Earth by the shinigami (deathgod) Ryuk. The notebook grants the user the ability of killing any person whom he/she might have seen by writing the victim’s name into it. If the cause of death is not specified the person will die of a heart attack 40 seconds after the name is written, however if the cause of death is specified the user has 6 minutes and 40 seconds to specify the details.
Light starts writing names of criminals by following his views on justice.  The police and UN corps starts noticing that someone is killing the criminals and it’s not just coincidence. This so called person eliminating the criminals starts being called Kira(killer) by the people. The world’s most famous detective know to everyone as “L” takes over the case. L shows that the criminal is in Japan, He starts heading the investigation team of the Japanese police force. The investigation team which had a number of about 40 people or so had dropped to just 6, as the ones who quit were afraid of Kira killing them. One of the 6 is Light father, Yagami Suichiro who is the Chief of the investigation team and the Japanese police.
Misa Amane another person also has a Deathnote and is deeply in love with Light. She however is more eccentric and works as a model and actress. She is grateful to Kira as he killed the burglar the robed their house and killed her parents in front of her. She says she would do anything to please Light. She becomes a second Kira and later in the series she marries Light.
Light wants to become the god of the new world that he creates and wants to pass on judgment on who he thinks is good or evil. L however starts to suspect Light as Kira. The fight between L and Kira or light is simply amazing. L thinks this is a game; he and Kira are immature and hate to lose. The series is mainly based on this fight of who get to the other first. Whoever discovers each other’s true identity first will win.
The series has 37 episodes this is merely a gist of the series there’s a lot more I can go on about but that will ruin the surprise and thrill of while watching it. For people who love mystery and supernatural programs I’ll recommend this. It’s an amazing thriller and superb artwork and detailing of the characters. Hope you enjoy watching it

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  1. DeathNote ponders the age old dilemma. What do you when you are given a lot of power? You start doing good, pretty soon you start making your own rules about what is good and start believing that anyone who does not think like you is an enemy and should be destroyed at any cost. This is what happens to benovelant dictators and so called godmen, even to powerful nations. My favorite anime, the series which made me look to far east for great movies and work of art.