Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm done - Mind of a frustrated terrorist

I was given a gun
When I was aged just five
Lead an army by sixteen
When others learnt to drive

The bullets left me many marks
The shadows of the past
I carried my gun to places far
No ambulances to arrive fast

There was once peace and quiet
We were all so free
Look what we’ve done now
We’ve turned it into a cemetery

I’m done dying
Done dying for this war
I’m not dying
Not dying anymore

They say we fight for god
That makes no sense to me
We are all his children, are we not?
Why doesn’t anyone else see?

They say we fight for liberty
That makes no sense to me
This is our land is it not?
Why not just let it be?

They say it’s a crusade
Well that is just dumb
We are fighting our brothers
Could there be a good outcome?

I’m done dying
Done dying for this war
I’m not dying
Not dying anymore

Friday, 25 November 2011

Ode to the dark

Not many appreciate the beauty in darkness
In reality she is more beautiful than light
Her magic lies in her endless expanse
Like long hair, the depth of the night

She is mother to more than just fear
Creatures nocturnal roam about here
Thieves and murderers hold her dear
Without her, light cannot adhere

Not many appreciate the beauty in darkness
In reality she is more beautiful than light


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ramayana and the Illiad - a continuation of the comparison

Last year i wrote a comparison between two of the greatest epics in history, the Ramayana and the Illiad. I'll link it here so I don't have to go through the points again.

In going through that post again I found i left out the biggest point of similarity in the epics - the reason for it all. To understand my statement, we will need to look back at a little of the mythology involved in both epics. Lets start with the Illiad.

The Illiad is a magnificent piece of literature that is set in the time of Greek gods and more importantly, towards the end of the popularity of Greek gods. The Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were getting worried about the rising number of heroes and demi-gods (which is completely their fault). So they devise a plan to trigger a war that will reduce this alarming number of unnatural population. With a reduced population of Greek heroes, it gave a rise to the popularity of Roman gods, which are merely warlike clones of the Greek gods themselves.

The Ramayana is regarded as among India's greatest gifts to mankind. At the beginning of Ramayana is Ravan, the great king of Rakshasas and conqueror of all known realms. Here too there was a rise in an unnatural population, namely the Rakshasas. The gods, scared for their places in heaven, as usual run to Vishnu who devises a plan to completely destroy the entire Rakhsasa population with one careful constructed war.

Both had the higher purpose of eradicating a growing unnecessary and most probably dangerous population.

Again I'm no conspirator or mythologist. Just a person who noticed these few similarities and wanted to tell the world. A special thank you to Nayantara Gupta for making me think and realise this last similarity, which by far is to me the most interesting.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Man(iac) Kind

On fellow man
Had we trust
That too has gone
Up in dust

Look around you,
Lives are being taken
Time has come
For us to reawaken

Spared has violence
Not one!
People, oh People!
What have we done!

A father kills
His own daughter
Reduced has the world
To a house of slaughter

What can I do
I ask
Changing the world
Has become a Herculean task

I cannot help
But weep
I want to go into
Eternal sleep

I am not ashamed
To say
In this world,
I am afraid to stay

 - Shreerag

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Arguments and comebacks that one would normally find being used by teenagers

1)      The comeback that makes no sense but insults the crap out of you: The guy with the comeback has nothing substantial to say that is related to the argument and instead insults the crap out of the other guy. This normally works as people are retarded enough to believe that an argument is won just by letting lose barrage of profanities.
Guy 1: dude, Manchester United played like shit yesterday. Their defense tactics were seriously messed up.
Guy 3(random onlooker): guy1 got owned so bad!

2)      The comeback which is nothing but what you just said.:
Guy 1: dude! You are such a bas***d
Guy2 : YEAH ! ,you know what.…YOU are the bas***d. HA!
Guy1: WTF.

3)      The comeback that makes use of your past embarrassing moments:  Again, the guy has nothing to say and to divert attention brings back to light past moments that most people probably forgot.

Guy1: dude! Do u have shit for brains? What kind of an ass are you to think that the earth is flat?
Guy 2: hey, remember in second grade when you crapped your pants in front of the whole class.
Surrounding people: HAHAHA!
This comeback effectively diverts people’s attention from the fact that Guy 1 is highly stupid.

4)      The Punch In The Face/Kick In The Balls: Consider yourself dumb if you need an explanation/example for this.

5)      The comeback that tries to use logic:
Guy1: dude, Justin Bieber is gay and you’re gay for liking him.
Guy2: Shut Up!! Justin is awesome!
Guy1: you should probably marry him and live happily ever after then.
Guy2: wait , you first called me and Justin gay and now you are telling me to get married to him. Don’t you know that gay marriage is illegal! DUH! Ha! Get your facts right next time.
Guy1 uses comeback no.4
Note: comeback no.4 and no.5 go well together.

6)      The ‘YOUR MOM’ comeback: This comeback is supreme and rules over all other comebacks. The insult and shame that follows the person on whom this comeback is used is so great that he should probably never open his mouth again and just die in disgrace. Even if the guy appears to be losing an argument, by using this comeback he wins any argument however deeply buried in shit he might have been.
Guy1:  dude, what are you doing tonight other than watching your stupid team MAN.U. lose?
Guy2 : I’m doing YOUR MOM

Guy1: You want to know who is more gay than you ?

Guy2: you’re such a nerd that no girl would ever sleep with you.
Guy1: last night, YOUR MOM thought so otherwise.

Adiya Rao

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Herada File Part 4

“You know who killed them?” There’s no way.
“Yes. I’m not sure but I think I have it all figured out.” said the Inspector. “Round up everybody tomorrow. But before that I need to talk to talk to some people…”

Of course he told me who the killer is but, there is a time and a place for everything. Without suspense, this story would be useless. At the end of this Part, all will be revealed.
The next day was very hectic. All the people involved in the case had to be rounded up. We made them assemble in the school assembly area.

“Good morning everybody.” said the CI in his most excited voice yet. “You may wonder why I have made you assemble here on such short notice. We have solved the case.” Gasps went around.

“Yes, after careful research and many problems along the way, we have found the killer.” I said.

“Our first clue came when the forensic report showed that the time of HANGING was around 9-10 pm.” said the CI. “The actual time of death was much earlier. By the looks of it, it was around 2 hours before that. That made me wonder, why would a person kill another of his kind and wait 2 hours to set up the crime scene? But we will get to that later.”

“Alibis for all the people involved here are pretty good. Some were so good, we got suspicious.” I said. “I looked into many of the alibis and had them confirmed myself. Interestingly, the weakest of all alibis fell through. Mr. Sen, if you noticed is not present with us. His excuse of being at the bar that day has been disproved by a friend who he had payed to keep quiet. He has given a confession that it was him who hanged the boy.”

“What? He is the killer?” asked Principal Verma.

“Gill said hanged ma’am. The person who hanged the boy and the killer are two different people. Mr. Sen was merely an accomplice to murder. We figured this out by the boy’s autopsy report, which had an interesting connection with Mr. Gupta’s autopsy report. Both indicated an MO(Method Of) that with a feminine touch. Yes, our killer was a woman.” Everybody jumped.

“The hanging was done as a way to create a solid alibi for the killer. This was why Mr. Sen was involved. This got us thinking. Why would someone help out another person to this extent? Using our, uh methods, we got the answer out of him.”

“He was having an affair with the killer. Love can make us do some crazy things. Now we knew the person, but we didn’t have a motive. The whole affair thing got us thinking again, what if this was person’s first affair.”

“Mr. Gupta was a wealthy man.” I said. “What was stopping him from getting some action on the side?”
“No way, my husband was perfectly clean. He didn’t have an affair with anyone.” said Mrs. Gupta.
“That was precisely what I went into the city to investigate. I discovered that a certain someone used to live in the city till about two years ago. And true enough, Mr. Gupta had a flat rented in her name, the money for which came from his personal bank accounts.”

“Our first suspect was Ms. Das. Her ‘personal problem’ haunted us a lot. But it turned out that the problem was financial. She had lost a lot of money to a gambling vice. Ms. Das and Principal Verma were discussing how to get her out of this habit that day. If you had told us this before, you wouldn’t have been our prime suspect.”
“Sorry about that, I didn’t want anybody finding out about that little incident.” said Ms Das.
“Well, we all have our own vices ma’am. But that shouldn’t stop you from withholding information from an ongoing murder investigation. This little piece of information was very significant as, if we hadn’t gone behind it, we wouldn’t have cracked the case.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ms. Das.

“Alibis in this case were pretty weak. Providing alibi for a murder is a hard thing to do. But your discussion served its purpose didn’t it, Ms. Verma?” Everybody’s eyes faced the Principal.

“What?” asked the Principal.
“Discussing personal problems gave you the perfect cover for the time of hanging didn’t it Ms. Verma? Yes, Principal Verma is our esteemed killer.”

“What proof do you have?”
“Ah!” I said. “So you’re not denying it then?”
“Uhm, of course I didn’t do it.”

“No use denying it ma’am. We have proof. You have no alibi for the time of death and a motive for murder as well as a very reliable witness. Confess to your crime and maybe the punishment would be a little less.”

“Haha…” Ms. Verma started laughing. A cold and almost psycho laugh. Her eyes had a very cruel glint. “Yes, I did it. I killed the boy and his father. The stupid fool betrayed me. He said he’ll leave his wife for me, but he just left. I was crushed, my heart wanted revenge. I calmed myself by going to therapy but when I saw Jai Gupta’s picture on the school roster, revenge consumed me once again. Killing the boy dragged HIM here. And then that stupid Mr. Sen was easy to twist around. But killing Gupta has thoroughly enjoyable.”

“The crime wouldn't have been solved if you had chosen your alibi properly, Ms. Verma. The term personal problem was what made us investigate through those lines. Your alibi during Mr. Gupta’s murder was very week. Carelessness lost you a perfect crime. Take her away Gill.”

Ms. Verma was sent sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with no chance for parole. After that life became boring again.

Killer’s Mind:
My reasons may not have been the most justified, but I did what I had to do. There are no justifiable causes for murder – except to save the innocent. I hope my story taught you something. Killing never solves anything.
Yeah right, although murder never goes unpunished, it has its own rewards. I would have been driven insane(although I’m there already, I guess) if I hadn’t killed that man.
Who knows…maybe I can commit another one!


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Herada File - Part 3

Note to readers:
I’m very sorry about the delay but I got tied up in exams and stuff. Please forgive me and continue to read the blog. No more delays expected. This part of the story is dedicated to a few people: Aishwarya Parthasarathy, who claims to be my fan and was the first one to read my story and Shweta Daryani, who helped me in some other writing ventures and actually took the time out to read this story. I would also like to thank everyone who read the other two parts and hope you all enjoy this one. Now on to the story………………….

 SI Gill:

Today is shaping up to be exciting. A father and a son murdered. I wonder who it is? My superior most probably has no clue as to who it is, not that I do of course.

“What do you think, sir?” I said in the car on the way over to the crime scene. “Any suspects?”

“All are suspects, Gill. No one can be narrowed down. Although all have alibis, I’m still very suspicious.”
“Not all alibis check out….”
By the time we arrived the crime scene, everybody was there already. That too everyone was in the room where the crime took place! Word of advice from a trained professional : Crime scenes are to be dealt with by police, all non-police are burdens who destroy evidence.
“Whats everybody doing in this room?” I asked. “Doesn’t anybody know that crime scenes should be left to the professionals?”
“Sorry sir.” Said the Principal.
“It’s okay, Mrs. Verma.” Said the CI.
“Actually it’s Ms. Verma, I’m not married.”
“Really?” was that a smile on his face?
“Sir, a dead body.”
“Yes, yes. Looks all clear to me. Stab to the neck. Looks like our killer has a fondness to the neck.”
“What makes you think this is the same guy?” asked Mr. Sen.
“Just a guess. By the way, where were you when this happened Mrs. Gupta?” asked the CI.
“I was with Principal Verma looking at all the old photos of Jai.”
Great now we will have to make the whole alibi list again. Its going to fall on my head only I’m sure.
“Yes, thank you. Ms. Verma, where are the students that are supposed to be residing in this hostel?” asked the CI.
“I told them to stay in their rooms.”
“Good thinking. No reason in giving them nightmares about a crime scene.” Apparently this guy doesn’t know about this generation…. “Tomorrow we will have to take a whole new batch of interviews. This time it will be conducted by Gill alone.”
“What?” I asked. This guy is mad. “Why what are you doing?”
“I have to go to the city and conduct some research. Don’t worry you can handle it here.”
Sure leave me to do the boring interviews while you go frolicking in the city. What an exciting day tomorrow is going to be.

Interviews started and ended as usual. Many anomalies were detected as all the facts were not as given. The principal again refused to cooperate on the whole personal problem concerning Ms. Das. The final conclusions drawn were:
1.      1. People living at the hostel all had alibis for both murders. Some were very suspicious and others were too clean.
2.      2. Personal problem between Ms. Das and Mrs. Verma is still shrouded in mystery.
3.      3. After interview with Jai’s friends, it was found that he was not very liked. According to them, he was very pompous and rude. But this doesn’t qualify for a motive for murder.
4.      4. Relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Gupta was, as much as to her opinion, not that bad. He was a very hard worker and didn’t come home till late 10.
5.      5. Mr. Gupta owned a very successful business in the city by the name of Gupta Exporters Inc. The business could have resulted in many enemies, who could have easily snuck in and killed off the both of them.

By the time my interviews were done, the CI had returned. I asked what the hell he was doing leaving me to those boring interviews…..okay maybe not in those exact words…
“Hello sir. How was the city? Found anything interesting?” ok I’m a bit of a suck up.
“Yes, you can say that. I’m not that sure yet, but I think I know who the killer is……”

Killer’s Mind:
They say in death, all questions are answered. I hope those two got their questions answered. Many may think I had no valid reason for killing a child but then again, who needs a valid reason? The boy was a mere causality on my path to redemption. My only objective for killing the boy was to attract his father to this place. The blade I had reserved for him was thirsty. My inner thirst only grew when I saw the name of the father in the parent’s registry. Plan was set, time was now. No looking back.