Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Parallel Worlds

Have you ever heard of the concept of parallel dimensions? Its an interesting theory saying that there exists dimensions other than our own. These dimensions are are different from ours because in them we made different decisions. Imagine a tree with branches - branches that split from the trunk and split again to make smaller branches. Our life is also a tree, each decision we make is like a branch. Each of those decisions makes a parallel dimension. It is our choice which dimension to travel on.

Think of it right now you are reading this cause you made a decision. If you hadn't made that decision you would be someplace else doing something else. This theory states that there exists a you who didn't make that decision to sit and read this. We make thousands of decisions everyday and in the process make thousands of worlds. 

This theory is very closely related to the butterfly effect or in scientific terms 'chaos theory'. Chaos theory in its non-scientific sense, states that every decision you take influences your life, however minute the decision. Sometimes its the smallest decision that ends up making the largest difference. For example say you are driving a car and suddenly a  call comes on your mobile and you pull over answer the call and say that you are driving and will call back. Now it was a very minute decision to STOP and answer that call. What if  in that second a truck speeds by and you missed it just cause you took that call. You must have cursed that person for calling while you were driving.....but that call just saved your life. If you had not answered that call you would have been dead by now.

We can derive two messages from the above example - one that not every negative thing happens for a negative reason, it could happen for a greater reason. And the second message being that the most minute of your actions can influence your life in ways that beyond our imagination. There exists a parallel dimension where you didn't take that call and well.... My point is you shouldn't be scared of every bad decision you make or have made or are going to make. Everything happens for a reason.

My favorite question has always been "what if...?" What if there existed a world where instead of doing your daily job you decided to be a rockstar? What if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth? What if there existed a world without war? What if....? In imagining what the world could be we make it a mental picture, a goal. So imagine what you want your life to be like using the words 'what if' and who knows you could go on to achieve them.

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