Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Herada File - Part 1

Sub-Inspector Gill:
A call this early in the morning?! It’s barely seven! I guess crime really dosen’t sleep. I wish could say the same for crime-fighters!
“Hello?!” I asked in a sleepy voice.
“Is this the Circle Inspector’s office?”said a female voice. She sounded very disturbed. Or 
was it hunger??!! No definitely disturbed…
“Yes. I’m sorry he hasn’t gotten here yet. Is it anything important?”
“ I’m Principal Verma from the Herada Private School. There’s been an incident. This boy had gone missing since yesterday.”
“Okay did you search the school?”
“Yes. We….we found him…he was dead!”
“What??!!”  I jumped out of my chair. The phone almost fell “He was dead? Okay. Don’t let anyone touch anything. It’s a crime scene you understand….”
“Okay. Should I inform the parents yet?”
“That is really not my. It would be best if you asked the CI himself. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”
Wow! Seven and already a dead body. It’s going to be an interesting day.
“Ah!” I said as CI Fernandez entered the station. ”You’re here, sir! There’s a dead body at HPS.”
“Really? Wow!” he said in a thoroughly bored expression. I guess that’s what experience in this field brings….boredom at the sound of death.
“Shouldn’t we go there?”
“Wait. I haven’t even had my morning tea yet. The guys dead, right? He’s not going anywhere.”
“But…what about….”
“Shut up and get me some tea.”

After the whole ordeal of the Inspector’s morning routine we set out to the school. Thankfully the school was only a few kilometers away and we got there in 10 minutes time. Principal Verma was waiting for us at the front of the school. There were three others with her - Teachers, most probably, and what looked like a janitor.

“Principal Verma? Hi, I’m CI Jacob Fernandez. This is SI Bholanath Gill. I believe you talked on the phone with him? Now, what is this I hear about a dead body and who are these people?” asked the CI in one stretch.
“Yes I’m Principal Verma. This is Mr. Sen and Ms. Das, teachers and Mr. Qureshi the janitor.” she said. “The dead boy was a student here- Jai Gupta. We found him in a top floor classroom.”

We went up the stairs to the top floor. In classroom 10-N was the lifeless body of Jai Gupta. He was lying in what looked like school clothes. Shock spread through his face. A rope was around his neck.  A fan was lying tied to the rope – suicide(I think I mean how ca I be sure....).

“Clear suicide.” said Fernandez, again bored. “Most probably couldn’t handle the pressure of upcoming boards or something. His weight must have made the fan to fall.”
Something doesn’t seem right here…..maybe I’ve been watching too many detective movies….

“Who found the body?” I asked.
“The janitor, Qureshi.”
“Mr. Qureshi, when did you find the body?” asked Fernandez.
“At about 7 sir.”
“And who did you tell this to when you found out?”
“Mr. Sen and Ms. Das were in the staff room. So I went and told them.”
“We alerted the principal when we found out.” said Mr. Sen. Ms. Das looked like she was going to throw up.
“Okay lets take a closer look at the body.” said the CI.

We started examining the body closely. Everything seemed okay. But is that…….?

“Wait a minute! Sir! Look at the neck!”I said pointing at the neck of the victim.
“Uh?!”he said looking at the neck of the body very closely. “Yes this sure makes things difficult. Good eye, Gill. Mrs. Verma? I have some bad news….this was not a suicide. It was cold blooded murder……….”

Killer’s Mind:

A killer was the last thing I thought I would be. I don’t know what it was but a sudden urge came over me…. I had to kidnap that boy…..and now I have to kill him to survive……..

To be continued…………………………………………………………………………………………………


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