Monday, 21 December 2009

Viswanath's Story


The Sergeant yelled “Three minutes!” Tension was building. We were on the brink of the greatest invasion ever launched. 150,000 allied troops were getting ready to invade Normandy, in occupied France. Operation Overlord. 150 generals came up with this formula to smash open the gates of Fortress Europe.

All very good on paper………………

The troop carrier lurches against the sandy beach of Omaha. We rush ahead, in a wild run to beat death, death that was hiding in the bush. And, hardly 15 feet forward, it came to greet us, in a hail of German MG fire.

The beach of Normandy was a dead zone. The higher ground was hidden by a tree-line, providing cover for the German troops. A whole German Panzer Division was up against us. The beaches were covered with barbed wire & tank barriers. All to help convert this once beautiful beach to a field of killing………

And now, here I was, in the middle of the firefight that was eating us up.
All the excitement was gone. All the adrenaline drained. The raw feeling of war, the horror of death & the incomprehensible truth of the massacre taking place, has finally hit us all. I watch on helplessly, pinned down by enemy fire, as I watch my friends & fellowman being cut down, mutilated. My family of 5 years was being torn apart, and I couldn’t do anything………


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