Thursday, 24 December 2009

Aliens Fact or Fiction?

Well, have you ever mused about the possibility of existence of aliens? Well, thing is, I'm sure everyone has. It's pretty natural. But the fact is that the human mind can simply not accept it that alien species could thrive and exist at all. I mean, we often hear news reports about the possibility of the existence of an extraterrestial species on a planet or even a solar system. But one thing is that people take it for granted that aliens exist in their solar system, their galaxy or even their universe, which isn't true at all. Perhaps aliens require different dimensions to exist, or different characteristics. Has it ever occured to you that aliens could be just bits of data, of information floating around, similar to the data stored in a computer? Aliens can also be machines. They may even be highly microscopic, or even highly macroscopic. All of this; contrary to popular beliefs.

But it is high time we've opened ourselves to the fact that alien life can be assured. Yeah, and what me and the rest of us pondering people await is the news of assured existence of an alien species, not just a myth, a rumour or a photoshop, please.

And yet another highly common factor is the stereotype about what we interpret the characteristics of an alien to be. Many heads, eyes, limbs, brains, high level of intellect, antennae, massive and irregular proportions, green skin? And also we've all watched those movies like E.T. and um, Signs? It is way too uncanny how the aliens in those movies often share the same reason of thinking and the same saturation level as that of human. And aliens displaying human emotion? It's all a really large, really misunderstood cliche.

The problem is that people frankly don't have the time to care about such topics. To them, their life and everything else is important. Thinking and reason would definitely give rise to newer more better ideas and clues of alien existence and also will raise our awareness to the very same. It's so agititating how people talk about aliens as some sort of, sci-fi icon, as a destroyer of worlds, and what not. Yes, we humans are far worse than our alien friends. We discriminate, prejudge and do all sorts of guesswork and less of practical application of knowledge and pursuit of our curiousity. Talking about aliens is usually comical and we shall only learn more about the topic when we begin to place the alien genre with the same importance we view other current events. When Copenhagen discusses this topic is when we know we're actually getting somewhere. We'll wait.

It's pretty evident that there are a numerous reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, of people actually claiming to have had some actual interaction with the alien members and also another puzzling phenomenon are the famous crop circles, especially in the US. Crop circles are these really large geometric symmetric patterns that are so precise, so perfect and thus so unnatural that the human mind can simply not help but concieve it to be the work of the extraterrestrials. But yet again, in the modern era, humans have justified this piece of evidence in their favour by having recently proved that scientifically, crop circles are caused due to unusual radiations emitted from beneath the surface of the earth. Or something like that. None can be too sure. Humans are the largest self-contradicting ignoramouses I know. And ever tried arguing against scientifically proved phenomena?

Never worked out for me. Not a good idea.

Whether aliens exist around us, whether they're one among us or whether we live under their scrutiny is unsure, but one thing is for certain - we must definitely be prepared to widen our perspective and consequentially ingest the fact that aliens can exist anywhere, everywhere, and in places inimaginable.

This is merely my thought, my reasoning and there exist many many secrets left for the human mind to implore. Roswell, prime example. I cannot completely deny I know for a fact what I have just blogged, but then again like I said, this is just my opinion, my viewpoint. An eagle's eye view of the human's perspective of the whole trend. But do we really know what's up at all?

Thus I can say that I completely agree to the statement that "truth is stranger than fiction" because on a day when we least expect it and are completely unprepared, we shall witness what we cannot completely comprehend.

Preethi Rajkumar


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  2. Hi Alienhunter..

    1) Have you ever thought of the possibility of having a non carbon based life form. It would be entirely alien isn't it?
    2) would you be really able to recognize an alien if it is not humanoid. Can anyone design a protocol for that?

    BTW Sreerag knows who I am..