Thursday, 17 December 2009

5 reasons as to why Harry Potter is WAY MORE awesome than Twilight

I have nothing against the twiight series personally , and im not a freakish harry potter geek …ive read the books and have found them pretty cool. After twilight , suddenly comparisions were made between HP and twilight , and some people actually were retarded enough to say that twilight was better than Herry Potter…that’s when I became really pissed off .So ..heres 5 reasons as to why HP is better..

1 ) harry potter is EPIC.

Please don’t tell me that your jaw didn’t drop down when you saw dumbledore and voldermort fight in the fifth movie. If those few minutes could have increased the awesomeness of a movie by a thousandfold ….imagine what the 7 th movie would be like… !!!! ( im referring to battle of hogwarts here ) And admit it ..even though you were kinda let down by the ending of the 6th movie ..the cave seen was amazing .

Now what ‘ awesome ‘ factor does twilight have . oh wait..they do …vampires sparkle in the sun … impressed….and whatever happened to a vampire vs werewolf fight that the trailers kind of promised. Edward and jacob do fight ….if you can call snarling and growling at each other fighting .

2 ) Lessons that HP and twilight teach .

At the end of the day ..HP boils down to a fight between good and evil …with the underlying message that good always wins….although not easily.

Twilight teaches girls that its okayif the guy of your dreams just dumps you and treats you like shit , and that if a relatively normal guy ( relatively normal least the wearwolves don’t song or some shit ) likes you should keep waiting for the douchebag who left you to turn up . Its also okay for your boyfirend to know where you are all the time ..and to watch you will you sleep . ( edward = freaky stalker ) . oh also teaches girls that even if 3 guys like you…you must still act like a depressed loser .

3 ) Stephanie Meyer cannot write ..

She used the word ‘ beautiful ‘ to describe edward like around 200 times in the book . next time she meets JK Rowling , I hope stephanie asks her what adjectives and synonyms are .

4 ) two words = alan rickman

The guy who plays snape – one of the most complex and awesome charecters ever . this guy has acted in movies like die hard !!.And plus the other actors are also famous - helena bohem carter , gary oldman , etc . The only famous guy in Twilight is Sharkboy ! oh wait ..edwards sister seems interesting ..she can see the future …wow !

5 )people in twilight only talk .

People in HP actually do some freaking epic stuff ! .

Aditya Rao


  1. hahaha very funny
    Just what you would expect from a sadistic Twilight hater.

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  2. totally with ya on speechless