Wednesday, 23 December 2009


 The latest gaming console to be developed was promised to be the best yet by its developer , and surprisingly enough it actually was. But the company that had developed this console faced one major problem - there were not enough games being developed that could be adapted to the consoles' advanced technology ; the few games that were adaptable were too simple and not challenging enough to ecpert gamers. The company trying to solve this problem turned to its brightest engineer and asked him to develop a game that would completely change a person's gaming experience . But what the company didnt realise was that he had already been working on his game , in fact he only had the test run of the game left . The day had come when he had to present his game to the managing board of the company . " This is only an unfinished version of the game , so please be prepared for any glitches or errors " he said . " This whole point of this game is for the player to start creating an alien civilization from the beginning and  guiding it toward whatever direction the player wants . I have created a specific planet with different species on it for the player to control ."  " And which among these species would the player be controlling ? " asked one of the CEOs .  " I have created only one dominant species on the planet and have named him MAN . " he answered . " I have modelled this species  to make him very gullible and to easily follow orders . But the one feature of this game that is going to revolutionize gaming is that the gamer himself can be part of the game . The player can connect himself to the game and actually be a character in the game and can interact with the other ' men ' . And plus a gamer has no constraints while chosing an avatar for himself . he doesnt have to be like the other normal ' men ' - he can have an extra advantage by having unlimited powers .  It's pretty much the same as being in a virtual reality " . he said . " In fact , i myself entered the game , created an avatar for myself . I tried preaching the basic morals and values of our society and surprisingly most of the characters embraced it and thought of me as their leader .Ill be able to show you all the final version of the game by next week " he said . One of the CEOs stood up and said " Thank you , we are most impressed by your work MR.GOD " , for the engineer's name was GOD , MR. GOD ALMIGHTY .
The next week he was very dejected and had to explain to the company why he had to scrap his game project . " I didnt take into account the fact that this species evolves , and after a while they start to think for themselves . In fact , the game progresses without any help from the player .But the biggest flaw was that these games would have a negative influence on our society , the ' men ' have developed evil habits and manners , and there is a general feeling  among themselves -  something we have never seen -  hatred , jealousy  . A player connceted into the game might even develop these emotions which would have a disastourous effect in our society . " he said . " Have you dstroyed your game yet then , ? " a CEO asked . " Actually it was my assistant who bought to my notice the flaws in the game . We both together had conneted into the game when i first visited , and he took an instant dislike towards the 'men' of the game .  If it wasnt for him , i probably would have never noticed the flaws of the game .  He is right now destroying the game as we speak " he said . " And who is this assistant of yours ? " another CEO asked ??
" His name is JUDGEMENT DAY "  he said.
Aditya Rao