Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Russell Peters is a stage comedian who is originally from Calcutta but was born and brought up in Canada. He's well one of the best in the world. His style in expressing his humor is just amazing; he says that when a comedian comes up on stage he should have an open mind. There shouldn't be ay filter saying that i can't comment on certain topics.
 Those who think like that should be businessmen. Lemme ask you all something How many of us actually have the guts to go out there and speak so openly about everything in the world. My answer none or at the most they're hand picked. I'm not saying go out there and make fun of everything you see cause there's a limit but people misunderstand this. They think that they can't make fun of their own country place blah! blah! blah!
The thing is unless one gets courage to realize what's wrong with him/her or what wrong with his own country community etc. he won't improve or make an impact. Russel well he's from India and Canada every one of his show there's at least one joke about these countries and its most hilarious one. Im not trying to give a lecture on patriotism or anything I'm just saying that once people start to think a broader way there'll be a lot of learning and things start happening pretty well.

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