Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Top 5 - Dan Brown

Following some inspiration I got from my good friend Aditya (who wrote some very sarcastic comments on why Harry Potter is better than Twilight) I decided to tell you why I hate and like Dan Brown at the same time. Unlike other top-5es I'll be looking at both the good reasons as well as the bad ones. Three bad and two good. First the bad.

Reasons why I hate Dan Brown
1. Repeating prologue:
Have you ever started a Dan Brown book without someone getting killed? Okay except for the last one, the Lost Symbol, someone or the other always dies in the beginning. Its always the same thing. I mean you think a writer can think of something more exiting than killing someone off in the beginning.

2. Repeated words
I read the Lost Symbol and the three most used words in the book were "Oh My God!". It made me feel like I was sitting and watching Janice on Friends(which is like my absolute favorite show ever, but whose isn't it, right?). Every fourth chapter those words pop up.

3. Repeated story
Have you ever read a Dan Brown closely. I mean evaluating every detail? The killer always turns out to be the person who the heroes trust the most. Spoiler alert, but in Da Vinci Code it turned out to be the person who they ran to for help. In Angels and Demons it turned out to be the Camerlengo. The same thing happened in the Lost Symbol too.  I mean change the story a little man.

Reasons why I love Dan Brown
1. Research
Dan Brown, I can tell without a doubt, is the best researcher around. Every one of his books are well thought out and the information provided is hundred percent trustworthy. A friend once asked me why I read his books even though its the same thing again and again, I told him I read it for one purpose - facts.

2. Ability to hold the Audience firmly
I say this by personal experience, Dan Brown really knows how to keep his audience glued. I mean my mother bought his book for a 100 dirhams which is roughly 33 dollars and read it without putting the book down. I mean you've gotta commend a person with such talents of persuasion.


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