Monday, 28 December 2009

Avatar - Behind The Scenes

The 17th of december say the whole of uae come together in droves to occupy every movie theater they could lay their hands upon. The reason for this exodus was the release of the most awaited movie of the year, 14 years to be exact: avatar. James cameron's epic masterpiece the likes of which have never been seen before took the world by storm. For a movie that waited a decade due to lack of technology the movie can well be called visionary. Spectacular effects mindblowing 3d animation and an exceptional cast made this movie a box office blockbuster. But behind the scenes of this movie lies a message. A simple truth. It shows very poignantly how brute force always tends to threaten and bully the weaklings. And that is true for the world. America has exhibited this talent of using their powers to gain the upper hand more than once. And it is not coincidental that the "skywalkers" seeking the unobtainium are also americans. Since time immemorial the powerful dominate the less powerful, the influential tyrranise the weak and use their so called superiority to achieve their ends. But beyond a point none can bear to be controlled and dominated. The Na'vi rebelled against the americans. The indians revolted against the britishers and today the world shall rise up against the american superpower. The world longs for an even footing in all matters and such discriminations on the basis of economic and military powers shall not be endured any longer. The world calls for change. A change that shall revolutionise politics as we know it. No longer shall we see smaller, developing countries being blown apart on grounds of mere suspicion of possession of WMDs the likes of which destroyed a civilization like iraq. We shall live in peace and harmony and the need to gain an upper hand shall be abolished. The world shall come together to she our earth of crises like global warming, done shortage, poverty. No longer shall we waste resources on wars. As said by the protagonist of avatar Jake Sulley : "this is our land." Change is coming. Feel it.

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  1. yess it iss true...change is coming we need to feel it!! :) n it iss our land we need 2 save our land before it iss 22 late!! :)
    good one neil!! :)